Representative Finlay

Kirkman Finlay III

During my time as your Representative, I have focused on Ethics, Government Spending, Election Reform and Education.

I want to create a strong South Carolina which brings opportunity to everyone. To achieve these goals, we must put a stop to the steady increase in government spending and taxing. We cannot continue to raise the tax burden on South Carolina families. We must allow families to keep more of what they earn while giving small businesses opportunities to grow.

Thank you,

Kirkman Finlay

About the Finlays

Kirkman Family 2020

In 1997 Kirkman married Kathleen Ravenel from Charleston, SC and together they have three daughters: Kay, Mary Fleming, and Hattie. All three are currently attending the University of Virginia.

Dr. Mary Fleming Finlay, Kirkman's mother, was a biology professor at Benedict College for over 20 years and is now retired. His late father, Kirkman Finlay Jr., was a founding member of the law firm Boyd, Knowlton, Tate, & Finlay, known today as Haynesworth, Sinkler & Boyd. Kirkman Finlay Jr. served for a total of 12 years on Columbia City Council: 8 years as Mayor and 4 years as a councilmember. The late Mayor Finlay is widely credited for creating the Columbia we enjoy today and his vision culminated in the development of The Vista.

Born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina, Kirkman has lived here the majority of his life, other than his time away to attend school. As a small business owner and entrepreneur, Kirkman farms 6,000 acres of corn, wheat and soybean crops and manages Doc's BBQ, Millstone at Adams Pond, and Pawleys Front Porch in Five Points. Kirkman's business ventures have created over 100 jobs in our community. Kirkman has been involved in and has served on the boards of Palmetto Health Foundation, Central Carolina Community Foundation, Ducks Unlimited, Heathwood Hall Episcopal School, and the Boy Scouts of America and donating time and resources to many local charities. He is co-founder and co-chair of The Gray Horton Scholarship at the University of Virginia.


Conservation & Public Service



Kirkman believes that conservation and traditional land use are important issues for our State. He has been an integral part of placing 3,000 acres under easement. These easements protect the natural beauty of our state, for future generations to enjoy.


Public Service

Elected as Columbia City Councilmember from District 4, Kirkman served the City for four years, and became widely known and respected as a vigilant watchdog for the tax payer. Public service is not the only way that Kirkman Finlay serves his community. His primary interests are in initiatives that benefit our state through the protection of our environment and the advocacy of children and families. Kathleen and Kirkman also are active supporters of the arts community.